PREFA Solutions is a symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics

The commercial attractiveness of a product is directly related not only to functional but also aesthetic values. This is especially important for the vast majority of public buildings. Our prefabrication methods are clearly of a higher quality of finish compared to the traditional construction method.

Advantagesof prefabrication

  • Significant reduction of the planned duration of construction works (approximately 80%)
  • No weather-related time delay in construction schedule
  • No waste on site
  • Precision, factory-made quality finishes with more efficient tools
  • Reduced raw material waste, every cut is calculated
  • Transport optimization (greener)
  • Reducing the number of employees on the construction site and in logistics
  • Reduction of coordination problems in terms of control and management
  • Major threat reduction and almost non-existent notices

PREFA Solutionamenities

  • Everything is tailor-made
  • We take into account every order and every customer specification, both standard and unusual
  • Product monitoring during production and after-sales service if necessary
  • Technical control, tackling difficult issues and continuous improvement
  • Lightweight complete modules (from 600 kg to approx. 1300 kg)
  • Easy movement of the module inside the building thanks to our rolling system
  • Self-supporting constructions of the bathroom cabin (without the need to attach them to the building) are based on four feet adjustable on site (the system allows for perfect positioning of the module vertically and horizontally) and are equipped with acoustic membranes

Simple and fast process from production to installation