About us

We have been providing services in the production of modular solutions based on innovation and the highest quality standards for 10 years.

Since 2013, we have established strong and lasting partnerships with many of the world’s leading hotel brands.

Genesis ofPREFA Solutions

PREFA Solutions was established as a response to the needs of the construction market, which, due to the ever-shrinking number of specialists and the simultaneous increase in the number of construction investments, expected effective, fast and durable solutions from contractors. It was prefabrication and modular construction that turned out to be the right way.


The well-established know-how of PREFA Solutions, many years of practice and a team of great specialists have made us a strong business partner who will build a durable, energy-saving, ecological and beautiful house for you and your family!


The experience we have gained by producing modular rooms for the hotel industry for nearly 10 years gave us knowledge that we had to use to create a new product - modular buildings and additional modules.

Our innovationsyour benefit

  • Significant reduction in construction schedule.
  • No schedule delays due to weather or pandemic.
  • Serious reduction of construction waste on site.
  • Higher finish quality and precision of workmanship carried out in factory conditions thanks to more accurate and efficient tooling and machinery.
  • Reduction of material waste, each cut is calculated and repeatable.
  • Optimization of transport costs (ecological profit).
  • Reduction in the number of companies, construction personnel and simplified delivery logistics.
  • Reduction of work coordination problems for the project manager.
  • Significant reduction of the risk of randomness and related reserves (virtually non-existent).
  • Major savings in total construction costs.

Technologyecology and logistics

The module means that your new house will be erected in the factory on the basis of a steel structure, combined with all finishing materials and delivered in its entirety to the construction site.

  • The production line is adjusted individually to the order.
  • All needs and specific requirements of the customer are taken into account, we produce both standard and non-standard bathrooms.
  • Self-supporting modular constructions (no need to attach to the building) supported by 4 legs adjustable on site (ideal shower drain), equipped with acoustic membranes.
  • Removable cabins allow for selective sorting of each element and its future cheaper recycling.
  • Product technological development - evolution and continuous improvement thanks to nearly 10 years of experience.
  • Complete modular bathrooms are light (from 600 kg to approx. 1400 kg)
  • Our proprietary transport system allows you to easily move the modules around the building.
  • Our modules are covered by a warranty, and we provide after-sales service and support for our products at the customer's request.