Who we are?

PREFA Solutions was established as a response to the needs of the construction market, which, due to the ever-shrinking number of specialists and the simultaneous increase in the number of construction investments, expected effective, fast and durable solutions from contractors. It was prefabrication and modular construction that turned out to be the right way.

Our motto

The best methodpredicting the futureis its creation

Our experience is the result of cooperation with the world's largest brands


The modules are made entirely in our modern factory in Bochnia. We guarantee that our products meet all possible quality and durability criteria, but significantly exceed them in terms of economic, functional and aesthetic factors.

We also deal with the entire logistics related to the delivery and assembly of ready-made modules in the recipient’s building.


The entire design process takes place in BIM technology, which allows for transparent cooperation of all specialists necessary to finalize the project.


Thanks to technology, we managed to eliminate all possible delays in relation to traditional construction.